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Why would you join us?

Learn, grow

Firstly because you can grow your hard skills and consulting skills.

Challenge, Surpass.

It is also the means to move lines for yourself and for others.

Transmit, share.

Finally, it is a team project for the success of all.

The Recruitment

Il nous faut identifier ensemble un savoir-faire métier et un réel potentiel conseil. Vous rencontrerez nos associés et experts, puis des consultants pour confirmer le fit.
We need to identify together your expertise as well as your consulting potential. You will meet the partners, experts and then the consultants to confirm the fit.

We also integrate :

a case study to validate your analytical and synthesis skills as well as an evaluation of behavioral skills.


You will be mentored by a godmother/godfather all along your Onboarding.
You will be immersed in the team in order to assimilate methods and tools.

you will spend time with every one of us to allow you to approach all facets of how we work.

Support, Grow.

Transmit and share are two essential concepts in atryon
Each project is put together regularly, with experience feedbacks in order to support and have people to grow their skills.

Every mission is supervised by directors, managers allowing a solid managerial team and constant development of your skills

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Our team

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Contact us

Contact us

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    Where to find us.


    Le Norly
    42, Chemin du moulin Carron, 69130 Ecully

    Preferred contact
    Kévin Dambon-Hoang
    +33 6 27 01 11 43


    Brussels South Charleroi BioPark
    Rue Auguste Piccard, 48, Gosselies, 6041

    Preferred contact
    Mohamed Habaz
    +33 6 29 88 20 98

    Find us on :

    About us

    About us.

    The specificity of our team results in uniqueness of each and every one of its members.

    Our Objective?

    Provide each client with a high-performance strategy and guarantee its proper implementation by securing appropriation by the teams, by feeding the approach from different points of view, and by promoting the autonomy of action.

    Who are we?

    atryon was founded in 2018 from the alliance of two expertises : expertise in the life sciences sector and expertise in operational transformation.

    This complementarity, associated with our abilities to listen, analyze, step back and our role as a connector, allows us to better support our customers in their issues, whether they are strategic and/or operational.

    Our team of consultants is dedicated to you.

    They support you in designing with you the solutions, securing their implementations and their results.

    From strategy to operations, you are in direct contact with an atryon partner or manager, a real link to you dedicated to your teams

    Design, onboard.
    Team - selection.

    Support, grow.

    We also apply it to our employees.
    Marc has decided to talk about his onboarding in a few words.

    Benevolent feedback enables to better know yourself and grow

    Sabrina, Finance Manager

    I met David and Mohamed in a previous firm. When they asked me to support their entrepreneurial adventure it was obvious to use my skills for atryon!

    Fabrice, Senior Consultant

    I have discovered since my arrival a team a multi-specialists, every one of us is an expert in his/her area! This synergy of knowledge and experience is our real strength.

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    Nos offres d'emploi

    Our Offers

    Our expertise

    Hands on, we set up strategies with you.

    We are convinced that confrontation with reality is key and that strategies that remain un-deployed for too long may lose quickly in relevance are already, to a certain extent, obsolete.

    Audacious, we know how to instill an audacious spirit to our customers.

    For us, Each project is a challenge, and our responsibility is to step back in order to detect the latent needs of our customers.

    Dedicated, we develop consciousness and common sense.

    Our active listening behavior helps us to detect low signals and deliver sense back to roles and responsibilities for everyone. We fully consider complexity of your context in our approach.

    Our expertise in details

    Strategy and operational excellence

    From strategic issues, we define and operationalize roadmap, alongside with General Management.

    • Performance Plan
    • Due Diligence, Post-Merger Integration
    • Products and partnerships \ ecosystem selection

    • LEAN \ 6Sigma
    • KPI and performance management system
    • Daily performance monitoring

    Quality management and compliance

    Our expertise in Quality, compliance, and consulting allow us to support challenges of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Compliance teams.

    • Quality Systems design and optimization
    • Quality Performance and management
    • Deviations Management \ OOS \ CAPA \ change control

    • Analytical methods management and improvement
    • Inspections readiness and audits
    • Remediation \ trouble shooting
    • Coaching

    Manufacturing Process Control

    Our Process’ development and industrialization experts secure your projects while improving your process management and product quality.

    • Product \ process development
    • Scale-up and transfers
    • Industrialisation \ validation
    • Optimization and field adoption

    Digital Transformation and IS

    To your side, securing your business priorities, atryon supports your digital transformation, from strategy to results.

    • IT project management support and business support
    • PMO
    • Support for solutions' selection and deployment
    • Digital transformation - scoping to deployment

    Our sectorial offers

    Biotech Startup Booster

    Strategic support
    Product Process development
    Quality Systems design and implementation

    Discover more here !

    Medical Devices & Diagnostics

    Compliance and efficiency of QMS processes
    Technical and regulatory strategies and certification
    Risks management and product quality management
    Managing regulatory watch and post-market

    Discover more here !

    Training and coaching

    In support of our projects and whatever your issue, we propose you a training/coaching offer, to strengthen your hard skills and/or soft skills

    Design, onboard.

    We provide the appropriate solutions and methods (eLearning, Blended, Onsite) to accelerate your upskilling

    Support, grow.

    From theory to reality, and to the closest to your issues, we propose you a true hands-on training and coaching.

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    Our interventions

    Our interventions

    Our expertise through our interventions.

    Strategy and Operational Excellence

    Process Management

    Quality management and compliance

    Digital Transformation and IS

    Biotech Startup Booster

    Medical Devices & Diagnostics

    Training and Coaching


    Active customers since the foundation of atryon.


    Projects benefiting our customers’ transformation.


    People already trained, coached and supported.

    Examples of interventions

    They talk about us!

    "It is the combination of skills between Operations and Advisory which helped us to choose atryon"

    — Alexandre Gultzgoff, IS Director SEQENS

    "Thanks to atryon, we initiated a project which was originally led by the Quality department, but this project is now continuing through a global continuous improvement approach"

    — Anne-Laure Gignoux, Quality Manager Fareva Excelvision

    They trust us

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    Our Convictions

    Our convictions

    We know how to step back

    to analyze complex environments, develop the most ambitious strategies, but above all we have our feet firmly rooted into the ground to know how to deploy them. The best ideas do not make sense if they cannot come true. Designing is good. Designing and applying is so much better.

    Yes, for us, performance
    can be a human-focused project.

    you have to know how to reconcile two realities - that of the management and that of the teams on the field. these two worlds do not respond to the same challenges, mechanisms, and rarely have a shared vision of a problem. Yet, the richness stands in the connection of these two polarities.

    We are passionate

    by the sector of activity which we support. There is nothing trivial about working for industrial Life Sciences actors. and saying to ourselves every day, that our actions have made it possible to deliver quality products for better health or better well-being for all is gratifying.

    We don't hold
    the absolute truth.

    However, we are known for two poles of expertise - one in the Life Sciences business sector and the other in operational transformation consulting. We are never dogmatic in our approach and focus our interventions according to the specific context of each client, according to his expectations, needs, desires but also according to his constraints and limits. We are committed to share our expertise internally and to our customers so as to make the Life Sciences industries grow.

    We wish to
    have a lasting impact

    onto Life sciences industries that we support. Responding to a need, expressed or induced, while promoting the autonomy of our customers is at the very core of our DNA.

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    Atryon - HOME


    Provide each client with a high-performance strategy and guarantee its proper implementation by promoting ownership by the teams, nurturing the approach from different points of view, and promoting the autonomy of action.

    Our expertise

    move forward

    We are committed to our customers that we support and are fully engaged in deploying solutions that are both sustainable and efficient.

    Our convictions

    do together

    We are dedicated to our customers’ needs.

    Our team


    Pharmaceutical Industry is necessarily confronted to cost reduction, combined with product mix complexification.
    It results with gaining efficiency, and better managing product quality.

    Medical Devices & Diagnostics

    Medical Devices is a dynamic sector involving various clinical-purposes technologies, is undergoing a profound renewal of its regulatory requirements. This leads to restructuring competition and industrial activities.


    In a globalisation context and emerging countries development, Chemicals sector is strongly exposed to international competition, customers and regulatory reqiurements. This revolution includes innovation, quality, performance, specifities as well as environmental aspects, which leads to have an impact on processes, their development and technologies used.


    This promising market remains fragmented, and stems essentially from R&D, and Science.
    It faces the challenges of necessary scaling up : industrial culture enhancement, supply chain , quality system, regulatory...


    Constantly innovating in terms of marketing and products, Cosmetics sector must manage costs considering the fierce competition. Regulatory requirements tends to strengthen forcing to have compliant but flexibles processes.

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    They trust us

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