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Creds STRATOPEX ERBC Strategy and Operational Excellence Post-Merger Integration Integrate a whole process after the merger of two CROs in order to optimize organisations and governance. Results Approach Two steps :
Interview Top-management to understand the existing condition post-merger
Collect and analyse data around organisations, processes and performances
Set up workshops over the new operational model
Define new KPIs and new organisation
Design a strategic roadmap for implementation
Coach the teams on the new mindset

Mapping the sector and assessing the position on the market
Identifying Business stakes, and defining the target
Sélection et aide au choix du nouvel environnement IT de l'organisation
Re-designing and optimisation critical processes (Reporting, Planning, Finance...)
Training and Coaching of Top-Management with profit-oriented mindset
Optimise meeting cycles and implementing new defined KPIs
Creds STRATOPEX ERBC BIOTECH STARTUP BOOSTER Performance Plan Strategically scoping the performance plan in order to maximize capabilities and EBIDTA Results Approach Benchmark the actual organisation sector's actors (i.e. CDMO, production)
Identify priorities with a macro analysis, enhance the stakes
Define optimisation and performance roadmap
Re-work improvement projects portefolio
Align members of the board on this roadmap
Short, mid and long term roadmap confirmed by the board of directors.
Identification of performance leverages to align necessary leverages with the Business plan and improve significantly the margins.
Creds STRATOPEX ERBC Quality Management and Compliance Quality performance & Coaching/Mentoring Strengthen processes & quality management to better produce. Results Approach Diagnose maturity and backlogs
Describe all the processes and transfer the skills to the teams.
Implementation to each production unit
Train and coach final users
Implement Visual management and coach managers on the field
Train Quality Pairs
Train and certify teams to the new implemented methods
Deploy governance and form to manage the KPI and results
Decrease in Defects, in Backlogs and in delay of closing.
Increase in quality level of investigation and in writing the deviations
Improve the Quality in general thanks to a better management of processes.
13 processes identified with their critical parameters.
Creds STRATOPEX ERBC Manufacturing process management Developement & optimisation of processes Help to define critical paramters of processes and optimize production formulas from development to industrial production. Results Approach Diagnose defects
Describe the processes, identify hazards and risks
Support the teams to write quality documents (Protocols and reports : write, train and support teams on the field.
Implement : Train and certify teams responsible for the implemented method.
Describe, Optimise, transfer the processes to the teams on the field.
Decrease in risks in production, decrease in losses and in deviations related to processes management.
8 processes in development, industrial transfers and/or industrialisation
13 defined processes and put under control with identifying critical parameters
Creds STRATOPEX ERBC Digital transformation and IS Operational Roadmap for "The industry of future" Develop the roadmap 4.0 to improve competitive positiove of an industrial site Results Approach Diagnose
Establish priorities and collect data on the field
Identify business cases in workshops with the teams
Identify technological solutions
Design the roadmap :
Qualify profits and impacts of different business cases
Identifiy and prioritise the projects to start
Design and confirm the roadmap
Define a plan of action for quick wins
93 leverages were identified by the teams
A roadmap that includes 33 prioritised leverages, representing a gain of more than 1B€
Planning actions and resources allocated with top management of the industrial site.
Creds STRATOPEX ERBC QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND COMPLIANCE Lean Optimisation of a Quality Control Laboratory Improve performance of a Quality Control Lab as part of a global Continuous Improvement plan on the site Results Approach Analyse and define objectives, tools and LEAN methods to implement
Involve teams in designing the roadmap and the ways to lead each project (Lean 6 sigma expertise, analytical methods, organisation)
Insure a skills transfer as regards the methods
Level off the lead time (delay and volatility)
Better GMP compliance
Improve performance and system management
Implement a Lean Mindset for all the activities of the QC lab.

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— Alexandre Gultzgoff, IS Director SEQENS

"Thanks to atryon, we initiated a project which was originally led by the Quality department, but this project is now continuing through a global continuous improvement approach"

— Anne-Laure Gignoux, Quality Manager Fareva Excelvision

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