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The key challenges of digitization of the Batch Records

Our experience has taught us that these three issues are key to the digitization of your Batch Records.

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streamlined and simplified data


reduction of material costs


reduction of cycle time

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Digitize your batch file while optimizing your industrial performance

• Are you having trouble keeping up to date too many master data ?
• Are you finding it difficult to consolidate your data to fuel Continuous Improvement?

• Do you have significant costs related to the file review and release processes?

• Your cycle time does not allow you to meet your customer commitments?

Leverage of actions


Streamline and Simplify Batch Folders

• Identify critical parameters

• Analyze data criticalities

• Adhere to flows

Monitor the process(es) in real time

• Implement eBR / Paper-on-glass

• Measuring OEE on lines

• Install control cards on lines

Optimize the process(es)

• Deploy Analytics

• Make Data vizualization on your equipment

• Get automated reportings

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