Medical Devices and Diagnostics

The medical device industry environment is changing significantly

impacting the balance of the business, both operationally and on the strategic direction of the company. Atryon expertise applied to medical devices allows you to leverage the issues for your organization while involving the skills specific to your business.

Our vision


  • Geopolitics and economics
  • Market consolidation
  • Regulatory developments
  • Product Technologies


  • Product and industrial strategies
  • Market access

Industrial challenges

  • Strategic adjustment
  • Operational implementation
  • Compliance of organizations
  • Business processes performance

Our Offer

In addition to our expertise, from strategy to results

we also respond with an adapted positioning to the Medical Devices Industries.

Compliance and efficiency of QMS processes

Technical-regulatory strategy and certification

Risk management and product quality

State-of-the-art and post-market management

By the way.

EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745

In addition to the complexity of implementation and the impact on product compliance, the new regulations challenge the technical-regulatory management product/system for a radical process approach.

It also redesigns market strategies and may challenge the business model.

The accompaniment offered by atryon allows new capabilities in this environment.

Our proposals

Analyze the impact on your business.

Define the transition program

Adapt product and competitive strategy.

Support and sustain your organization.

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